Provincial Point of View
April 10, 2017
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Two years ago City Council received a report outlining the 10 year priorities for major improvements on the City of Saskatoon’s transportation network.  One of the projects on that list was an interchange at the intersection of McOrmond Drive and College Drive.  That same year, the functional plan for this interchange was presented to the community at an open house.  Feedback at the time focused on the desire to speed up the timeframe for construction of the interchange to retain a free flow movement of traffic.

Construction of the McOrmond Drive and College Drive interchange will begin in April 2017, helping improve access and ease congestion in southeast portions of the city. Prior to work affecting traffic, the City is hosting an Information Session for residents and businesses in the vicinity of McOrmond Drive and College Drive:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
St. Joseph High School
115 Nelson Road

In addition to the McOrmond Drive and College Drive interchange, a second interchange at Boychuk Drive and Highway 16 will be built simultaneously to reduce costs. These savings are estimated to be a minimum of $1 million based on reduced procurement costs, due to only a single procurement, and economies of scale for design and construction of the project. Together, the simultaneous construction of the two interchanges is known as the Saskatoon Interchange Project. 

Throughout the construction of this interchange, communications will be key.  Information regarding the interchanges will be made available here, at  As the project progresses, more specific information will be shared with the community here, through public service announcements and through community associations.  Residents can also subscribe to receive regular project updates via email.

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