Provincial Point of View
January 20, 2020


Saskatchewan's growth plan ...

  • A Strong Economy
  • Strong Communities
  • Strong Families

Premier Scott Moe, "The purpose of growth is to build a better quality of life for Saskatchewan people - to build strong communities and strong families - and grow a stronger Saskatchewan now, and for the next decade.

Saskatchewan's Growth Plan for the Next Decade of Growth 2020- 2030 is a roadmap for a growing province of 1.4 million people and a strong economy with 100,000 more jobs.

Over the next decade, business and investment growth will create stronger communities. Adding value to the products we export around the world will support the growth of new industries and new investment in our province.

Technology and innovation will be a catalyst for growth in our core economic sectors and the growing diversification of our economy. Growth will create new jobs and more opportunities for young people to realize their future in our province, while attracting skilled and entrepreneurial newcomers from around the world.

These are just some of the benefits of a growing province over the next decade.

Most importantly, growth will afford the ability to invest in a better quality of life for Saskatchewan families and communities. That is the purpose of growth."

Watch for the 20 actions for the 2020s in upcoming newsletters.

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