Provincial Point of View
March 15, 2020


The main focus of this week's newsletter is COVID-19. The challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are top of mind as the number of cases increases around the world.

The folks at Saskatchewan Health Authority are doing a great job of keeping up with regular updates & answers to the most common questions on #COVID-19. I am carefully sharing verified information in this newsletter so you can be informed.

A huge shout out to all health care workers, scientists, emergency responders, as well as many others working day and night to help fight the Coronavirus. Special thanks to everyone on the front lines, all those contributing to keeping grocery store shelves stocked and people in our community watching out for one another. Thank you to everyone involved in ensuring the safety of our well being.

Please ONLY call HealthLine 811 if you have symptoms and need to be assessed. Do not call just to see how busy the line is - this impacts others trying to call who require help.

It is important the information you're reading is from a reliable source.

Premier Scott Moe, "Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Officer is doing a great job keeping us all well informed on what we need to know about coronavirus in our province.

We can all do our part to reduce the risk to ourselves and others by washing often, practicing social distancing, staying home if we are not feeling well and seeking medical advice to determine if we need to be tested."

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