Provincial Point of View
September 18, 2018


Premier Scott Moe, "Thanks to the General Administration of Customs of China for meeting with us today. We spoke about access to Chinese markets for Saskatchewan agri-food products, such as lentils, oats, chickpeas, and faba beans.

Good meetings with China's Ministry of Environment and Ecology and Ministry of Natural Resources.

We discussed the safe, reliable, prosperous uranium and potash industries in Saskatchewan, as well as how we can reduce global emissions and promote a strong economy with CCS technology. @ Beijing, China."

News Release: Premier Scott Moe left September 15 for a trade mission to China that will showcase the province’s strong, sustainable food, fuel and fertilizer sectors and will explore further trade opportunities between Saskatchewan and China.

The week-long mission involves meetings, events and speaking appearances with government officials and business leaders from the potash, agriculture, resource and carbon capture and storage sectors.

This will be Moe’s first trade mission to an Asian market, and he will be joined by a Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) delegation of more than 20 representatives from Saskatchewan’s agriculture, agri-value, manufacturing and ag-biotech sectors, including industry associations.

“China’s most important trade and import needs align very closely with Saskatchewan’s most significant export sectors - namely food, fuel and fertilizer,” Moe said. “Strengthening our province’s relationship with markets like China helps keep our economy strong, diverse and growing. I am committed to getting Saskatchewan’s high-quality goods and resources out into the global market, strengthening and building trade partnerships around the world, and building a better, brighter future for our global community as a result.”

The mission aims to improve market access for Saskatchewan exports to China; to highlight Saskatchewan’s attractive investment climate; and to promote Saskatchewan’s global leadership in carbon capture utilization and storage.

To find out more about the highlights of the mission, click here.

“With goods from Saskatchewan being exported to more than 150 countries, access to large and growing markets like China are the lifeblood of our economy,” Moe said. “Our government understands the value of supporting Saskatchewan businesses in one of the fastest-growing markets in Asia and places a high priority on continuing to develop and diversify these market connections.”

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